I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you the importance of this very moment.

Here we are … looking into the world of time … from the edge of timelessness … and what’s happened?

What has shifted? What has changed?

We are all now in that moment that the Ancients have predicted would be the moment of Great Change, yet what has actually taken place?

No matter what’s happening outside, we are all being called to look within … this is where the Shift is actually taking place… in this very moment, right here.

Outside simply mirrors inside, as always.

The only real question that needs to be asked right now is:

Does Love dwell here?

If we answer yes, we are in the right place/right time. If the answer is no … then it may well be the perfect moment for deeper reflection and contemplation.

To actually “do” what is being asked of us all at this moment – to “Give It Your Love” first takes the willingness to shift into this Love that actually is … our own true nature, and then from This to simply allow the “doing” to effortlessly unfold.

If you are serious, really serious about actualising your own awakening … simply stop, breathe, look, listen … and allow.

You are here. This is the place and this is the moment. Be present to This.

Be This … and the natural movement into the world will be a movement of Love.

Clarify, purify … dive deep and allow. This is all it takes, this is what “Give It Your Love” means, it’s now time to actualise It.

In the Spirit of the moment, continue to “Give It Your Love” … now more than ever.