What an incredible time we are all journeying through. I have just returned from a powerful trip to the USA which included attending the Science and Nonduality Conference at San Rafael (where my wife Enza Vita was a guest presenter launching her new book Always Already Free, visit www.EnzaVita.com for a free download).

What struck me most profoundly was how incredibly affective we all really are … how much all that we have within our own consciousness radiates and affects all of consciousness. Scientific studies into consciousness are now beginning to enter the realm of what was once only the domain of mysticism and spirituality, and it’s a joy to witness and be a part of this incredible bridge being built before our very eyes.

The Ancients always understood the gift that is Sound. The presence of the Divine actually pulsates through and reverberates within each vibration that emanates into, and animates the world. This is our own beingness. And when we sing … we offer up our own song to the Beloved, allowing for all and everything to unify in this moment … especially so when we are in the heart space of “Give It Your Love”.

I met hundreds of awakened brothers and sisters … all sharing their consciousness with the world in their own unique way. This is what it truly means to “Give It Your Love” … to move forward into life with the awareness that without you, God simply would not be able to do the Work in the world. We are all instruments for this Work, yet so many fail to notice how this presence within the heart motivates, inspires, uplifts and awakens … no words need necessarily be spoken, but if you consciously represent this Presence … the love will touch those around you.

Many people have come forward to tell me how much they have been moved by and continue to enjoy listening to “Give It Your Love”. It seems to be speaking to this moment, to this time. Some people are stumbling into the song and recognise their own beauty within it … simply put, we see ourselves more clearly when we are in the heart and touched by the heart. This is the “Mysticism of Sound” at play here … music is the Presence.

Here’s what happened to someone struggling in New York when Hurricane Sandy hit last week …

“God this song … I have listened to it at least 20 times tonight. I don’t know how I got this through Facebook, but I sure appreciate it and the timing of It … I would tell you the story but my Internet connection is really bad tonight and I am surprised that I can even hear the song. Just love that song … went right to my heart which was thinking just that.”
– Rose Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Pauling, New York

Things are moving pretty quickly, Enza and I are off to Sydney for the MindBodySpirit Festival this coming Thursday – Sunday at Darling Harbour. We will be at the InnerSelf stand F32, so please pop in and say hello. And remember, every day, every moment in fact, is another gift from Source … what we make of these moments is what manifests our world … it’s always our choice, and we always have the freedom to choose Love above all things:

“It’s not what you’re doing but how you go about it, that holds you down or sets you free.
It’s not what you’re seeing but how you’re looking at it, that raises you to view reality … Give It Your Love.”

In love and gratitude,

PS => The video clip for “Give It Your Love” is a great way to share the love … pass it on, pass it round. Click here to view and share … it’s not just about me and you … we are all in this together … simply put, Give It Your Love.