How I got to perform for the Dalai Lama!

Dalai LamaIt was 2012 …

We had just released the video clip for my debut single “Give It Your Love” and I was screening it on my laptop at the MindBodySpirit Festival in Sydney at our Innerself Newspaper stand, letting people know of the song’s release and simply sharing the love.

Filming the Video …

A few months earlier we had filmed the clip which had perfectly captured both the vibe of the song and its message. Wandering the aisles of the Adelaide Central Market while everyone was going about their weekly shopping, it didn’t take long for the whole market to start buzzing, as film directors Tim and Colin Pine, my producer Dino Jag, my wife Enza and I … along with a wonderful bunch of extras moved through the bustling crowd with cameras rolling, music playing and me singing my heart out … “Give It Your Love.” Little did we know what a pivotal role this video would play in opening the way to the Dalai Lama Conference a few months ahead.

Back to our MindBodySpirit stand …

As the thousands of visitors flowed past our stand, I’d chat with whoever was interested in checking out my video, inviting them to rest a moment to share in the joy being offered in the song and video.

Then it happened, two lovely ladies passing by stopped and fell in love with what they saw saying “This is absolutely fabulous Leo, we are co-ordinating the Dalai Lama’s Australian tour, how would you like to be a part of it and perform the song at the event?”
My heart stopped. I was both humbled and awed, immediately saying yes to the offer.

Why me? I hear you asking …

Well, I asked myself the same question too but soon realised that the song’s message had stolen their hearts, as it had done mine when it was gifted me as an inner message of loving guidance … as it continues to do for many that come across it today … just as it did for Jenetta Haim sharing here in an email that arrived today:

“Big thank you for the CD. It’s great! And the universe has its way. Taking a friend to hospital this morning and I was talking about life and them getting back their inspiration to live. Your song came on the CD player and said the same thing. With music. Message from heaven. So I played your CD all the way to emergency … And here I open my email and again is your message. Thank goodness the Angels don’t take a day off hey :)”
– Thank you, Happy New Year 🙂 Jenetta

The Big Day arrives …

I was really nervous out back waiting to be called, but as soon as I stood out front on the main stage, everything settled. This was a huge moment for me as I hadn’t done a lot of live performing before, especially to crowds as big as this. The audience was open, smiling and really receptive as I let go and sang my joy … all went well. Later the Dalai Lama came onto the stage and with warm and full heart, delivered his humorous yet poignant message of “Living our Truth”, by simply loving each other and ourselves … in essence: “Give It Your Love”.

The Journey continues …

Since embarking on this journey of sharing my music I’ve encountered experience after experience of synchronicity, insight, growth and the ever-deepening appreciation of just how precious every moment of our life truly is.

When we listen to our hearts, magic happens … and the miraculous begins to make its way into our world, opening door upon door of love, joy and awakening adventure.

My adventure continues to unfold with the release of my debut EP “Let Your Spirit Sing” … I invite you to open up to the songs and the currents that have inspired them … through them my hope is that you may find a doorway into your own awakening adventure too.

With love,