I Am Absolutely Thrilled About This!

Here & Now

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that my new single “Here & Now” has been completed and is ready for release! The song is a bouncy celebration of living beyond the confines of the mind … written and performed in a light-hearted and fun way. It’s different to “Give It Your Love”, and I hope you enjoy it just as much.

All of life flows out of the Here & Now..

Here’s a pic taken during the mastering session at Disk-Edits with Neville Clark at the helm.. Details of how you can get your copy will follow soon..

Mastering Session at Disk-Edits

In the meantime, if you are in Adelaide this weekend you can hear me performing an intimate acoustic version of the song at the MindBodySpirit Festival where I’ll be performing twice a day. During the 4pm session I will be sharing more of my music and life experiences in a special one-hour presentation called “Here & Now – A journey of Awakening in Story and Song”. Would love to see you there!

For many, the present moment is so elusive … a doorway that is too infrequently entered, yet in truth we have never really been anywhere else. All of life flows out of the Here & Now and all of life goes back into the Here & Now … it’s all taking place in this forever one timeless moment. So why is it so easily overlooked?

The song’s lyrics touch on this. Written over a blues/pop song structure, reminiscent of Buddy Holly’s “That’ll be the Day”, the song came about after doing my first 10 day meditation retreat, sitting around with a couple of dear friends, Nigel Bell and Michael Giardina … and it simply flowed out from the “Here & Now”

I’ve posted the lyrics here if you wanna check them out …

Remember, it’s always “Here & Now”.

Much love,