Meet Leo

Leo Drioli

The Beginnings..

Leo Drioli has been a pioneering leader and spiritual teacher in the consciousness movement for over 25 years. Launching one of Australia’s first new age magazines, Golden Age in 1988, he quickly established himself as a writer releasing his first book “Every Moment’s a Miracle” in 1996, now a best-seller.

The Music..

His passion in disseminating truth in all its forms and guises is also manifested in his music, something that’s been close to his heart since his early teens. Through his song-writing, Leo has been chronicling his own spiritual unfoldment, which has resulted in a substantial catalogue of unreleased songs.

The Joy..

Song writing is where his greatest joy lies … and after all these years, he is thrilled to now be sharing his music with the world with the release of his first single “Give It Your Love” in the lead up to his debut album “Let Your Spirit Sing” which will be out in 2013.

The Expression..

Leo’s songs come from the heart, capturing insight and wisdom teachings, yet crafted as pop songs.  His love for life, his joy in noticing the detail … especially the deeper significance of each moment keeps him alive and awake to the inner whisperings and nudges of Spirit … constantly offering a deeper insight or a simpler way of saying something ageless in a refreshingly new way.

The Journey..

Leo continues to be a voice in the spiritual community through his regular articles in his newspaper “InnerSelf” ( & via his blog and social media contributions… and now, with the public release of his songs begins the unfolding of the most exciting journey of expression and connection for Leo Drioli.