My Debut EP Is Finally Out!!

Let Your Spirit SingI’m absolutely thrilled to announce that my debut EP “Let Your Spirit Sing” has just been released and I’d like to invite you to be among the first to listen to a preview of the 5 tracks.

The journey to this EP’s release has been fantastic. Every step of the way has been filled with joy, fun and delight … and heaps of growth and learning.

For me, it’s a dream come true to have these 5 songs completed, each with their own unique flavour and life lesson to share … I simply can’t wait for you to have a listen, and get back your feedback on the EP.

Click Here To Listen To Preview Let Your Spirit Sing – Now!

Here’s what Elio Pagliarulo (composer of the music to the Healing Codes) had to say about the “Let Your Spirit Sing” EP:

“I was on my way to work and just felt like I needed to listen to your EP again. ‘Let Your Spirit Sing’. It is such a beautiful song. When I heard the words ‘Open Up My Heart, Show Me How To Love’… I just started welting in tears seriously … I was trying to be conscious of other drivers not seeing me cry (ha ha). I played that about 3 times in the car this morning and just started singing to it. I feel that it is resonating with me as I have been asking the universe that my heart open up more and be open to receiving and giving love for myself and others. This year has been a healing journey in many ways of self-discovery etc. So this particular song is quite apt in my current situation.

Let Your Spirit Sing

5 Songs – from the Heart … to the Heart … for the Heart

You know, great love flows through each and every one of us. These songs reached out from that sacred place within. I invite you to have a listen, open up your heart and let the love flow … that’s the reason we were all brought together in this life. You, me and every one of God’s creatures are to tune in and be Love’s ear …

Much love,