Recognize Anyone In This Video?

The video clip for “Give It Your Love” has just been completed and I’d like to invite you to be amongst the first to view it!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and post me a message to let me know what you think.

The atmosphere at the Central Market in Adelaide became absolutely electric as we began to shoot the clip, it really felt like everyone there was meant to be there for the shoot, adding to the magic and the vibrancy of the perfect backdrop for the song. There’s even a serendipitous appearance of a little boy with a red balloon going up the escalator … couldn’t have worked out better if we had tried. And it all came together in less than two hours with 3 takes! Truly magic captured in the moment.

I’d like to thank Tim Pine, the director and editor and his dad Colin, the cinematographer for their delicate and sensitive appreciation for what we were looking to capture with this video … they tuned right into the heart of the song and its message and captured it beautifully. And all the wonderful people who turned up on the day as extras to help out, thank you! I especially would like to thank my lovely wife Enza, my son Jonathan, and Dino Jag my producer and music/collaborator for all you do. And thank you to mum and dad who patiently waited till we were ready for the shoot, they make their appearance on the bench under the escalator. And thank you to the Central Market and Lucia’s for your openness and assistance on the day.

Please subscribe to my new Youtube channel and post your message there … I’m keen to see what you have to say about it.

This journey continues to be an incredible ride of joy and surrender, every step filled with serendipity and the clear guidance of the Spirit within. Please continue to join me on this journey … simply spread the love with me by sharing the video with your family and friends.

Let me know if you recognise anyone in the video clip … so many of the extras were simply shoppers going about their shopping day at the Central Market.

And remember, “It’s not what you’re seeing but how you’re looking at it that raises you to view reality.”

Give It Your Love … always,

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