Radio Interview on WHVW 950 in Upstate New York

Since the release of my debut EP “Let Your Spirit Sing” I have been on this amazing ride that continues to take me into unforeseen territory … it’s such a thrill … and I’d like to share with you some of the magical moments I’ve been encountering lately.

A few weeks back, Ken Wensley, who has a radio program on WHVW 950, in Upstate New York, contacted me and invited me on the show. He came across “Give It Your Love” on YouTube and couldn’t get enough of it. This is what Ken has to say about the “Let Your Spirit Sing” EP:

“Your music is so fresh …‘Give it Your Love’ was great but when I got to listen to them all, each one tops the next one!”

So, I was interviewed on the show and have since been invited back on again. We had a good chat about the inspiration behind each of the songs on my EP and the spiritual journey in general. If you’d like to listen to the interview, here it is:

It turns out that Ken actually lives in the very same town I lived in, Wallkill … just around the corner in fact! We probably ran into each other when I used to head up to the shops and do the laundry.

Let’s go back 12 years …

12 years ago, I was living in Upstate New York with my father and my uncle for a short while, helping with my uncle Leo’s passing. We lived in a town called Wallkill, not far from Woodstock in an area known as the Bhajan Belt where many monasteries and ashrams have been flourishing since the early 60’s.

While there, I wrote a song that appears on the EP called “Just a Little Bit More” … it’s a song about opening the heart “just a little bit more” to allow for an ever deepening connection to life, through the people we meet and the world around us. A line in the song is: “You know, there’s really nothing to be afraid of, soul searching never led anybody astray … When you find out just what you’re really made of, you’ll open up that door, and blow all your cares away … Just a little bit more.”

Continuing with the New York connection …

When it came time to record this song a little while ago, I felt it would be lovely to invite New Yorker jazz guitarist Rodney Jones (who played with Dizzie Gillespie and George Benson), to feature on the track. He gladly obliged and delivered a stunning rhythm guitar and guitar solo performance… bringing the song’s New York connection full circle.

Look for the miraculous in your life too …

So, the miraculous journey continues to unfold for me and for you. If you haven’t heard the EP yet, you can check it out here. The songs are an invitation to listen … really listen, with the ear of the heart … for this is where the miraculous meets everyday reality.

You know, I still feel like a kid, exploring the infinite possibilities available to us all each and every day. I’d like to invite you to connect to that same magic in the moment and to also …“Let Your Spirit Sing”.

In love and gratitude,