Just got back from Melbourne and Sydney MindBodySpirit Festivals… fantastic events over the last few weeks. Met many thousands, all seeking out better ways to live this life. It was a joy to meet so many awakening souls…

But, you know, to “Give It Your Love” doesn’t necessarily mean everything always comes up roses or that everyone loves you back… that’s not the point.

Life is always going to be this wonderful spicy blend of duality… positive often grinding with negative… yet, hidden within each fold lies the eye of the beholder… The One that peers detachedly through each of us… that breathes lovingly through every heart.

“Give It Your Love” is the awakening call of Soul.

When we have seen enough of life, realising that in truth life will always be just as it is … no matter what we think or feel about it, we are raised to “see” through the heart:

“It’s not what you’re seeing but how you’re looking at it, that raises you to view reality.”

And this seeing reveals God’s hand in each event… and every moment is witnessed as the blessing of love that it truly is.

This is the “view” that sets us free.

When I wrote “Give It You Love” some 28 years ago, Life had gifted me with the insight to see that no matter what arrives at our door… it’s truly a blessing. And to welcome it in as a house-guest… giving it the space to be… allow its presence… and when it’s time, to bid it farewell.

Life lived in this way allows for immense opportunity for deepening into the Everpresence that we always already are…

And, this leads me to announce that we are at the exciting end stages of finalising my new single “Here & Now”

Last night Dino Jag and I were back in the studio to record a guitar part with a very special guest, an old buddy of mine now living in Sydney. We used to record, write and play together in my back shed in Felixstow, South Australia when we were growing up in our teens … just for the joy of it.

And here we are together recording again after more than 35 years!

Once again, just for the joy of it.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress and release of “Here & Now.”

So, what’s this new song like?

A little different in style from “Give It Your Love”, yet once again offering an expression of the blessing of Presence by… “Living in the Moment, here and now.”

Can’t wait to share it with you all!