Welcome To My World!

Leo DrioliAt age 12, my world totally exploded when I heard my first Beatles album. A friend at school had asked me what records I had at home, jokingly saying “You probably only have your parents’ Dean Martin records.” He was right. So I agreed to visit him at home to listen to his record collection. I clearly remember that magical moment when he dropped the stylus down onto “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” from “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band“ — a whole new world opened up for me. Soon after, I purchased every Beatles record, got myself a guitar and started writing my own tunes.

Song Writing as a Mirror

I quickly came to see and trust the creative process of song writing as a mirror for the subconscious to reveal itself. As a teenager I’d sit in my bedroom, often for hours in a contemplative receptive state, guitar in hand, facing the mirror and opening myself up to the deeper mystery of Presence or Pure Being. All the challenges and confusion of youth would be swept away by giving myself over to this process, often manifesting whole songs with both lyrics and music coming through in that mysterious and spontaneous act of creativity artists everywhere are so familiar with.

Where Songs Come From

Through this process I began to connect to that magical realm that every spiritual seeker eventually discovers. And songs like “Within You Without You” by The Beatles suddenly made perfect sense. Now I too began to be inspired and guided by that very same inspirational source and began to work out how to be Its instrument by simply surrendering to what is, through the creative process in my own song writing. This was the start of both my musical journey as a song writer and also my spiritual journey looking for deeper meaning, transformation and awakening.

Fast Forward to Now

Today I am the editor of a successful Australian Consciousness publication called Innerself Newspaper and also a published author with, “Every Moment’s a Miracle”. I also teach meditation and run workshops on living in joy, consciousness and creativity. But you know, my greatest desire has always been to share my music with the world …

Who Writes the Songs

I have been writing songs for over 40 years now and I still find it exhilarating and deeply mysterious every time a song manifests. Through the years it’s become a way of reconnecting to Source, to Spirit and to get some feedback about where I am and where I am going spiritually. Just the other day I had the impulse to ask the question “Who or what writes the songs?” I’ve always felt that my part was to step aside, but that’s not enough … stepping aside to allow for Spirit to fill us is one part of the process, the other part is to make yourself available as an instrument, not just as an empty receptive vehicle but also as an active participant … it’s a two way street and both play their part in the process

Let Your Spirit Sing

So, after all these years of writing songs chronicling my own unfoldment, I am thrilled to be able to share some of this work through the 5 songs on my debut EP “Let Your Spirit Sing”. These songs all carry a different energy and life lesson, but most importantly each is filled with the joyousness that comes through the direct encounter of Spirit within.

If you’d like to get a taste of what this EP is all about, click here to listen to some samples of the tracks.

I Am Grateful

Please know that I am truly grateful for this connection with you here through my music. I know that we are all of the one heart and it’s both an honour and a joy to have this opportunity to share my music with you.

PS – I’d love hear what you think of the tracks and to know a bit more about you and your own journey. Feel free to share openly below.